How to avoid PayPal fees on eBay?

How to avoid PayPal fees on eBay?

The advent of information technology influences everyday activities. People are started to buy the goods by a single click on the smart mobile.

PayPal is a payment gateway software. PayPal is in the middle of the transaction. It helps secure methods to help a merchant to get payment from the customer. E-bay is a popular e-commerce website which very popular for a longtime.

PayPal takes some fee as a commission during the transaction in e-bay. There are various methods to get around PayPal fees on eBay followed by merchants all around the world.

Maintaining Dedicated Store per Country

The e-bay portal offers to place a called store. In this store, you can list the goods which are to be sold to the customer. The e-bay charges a particular fee for this store.

The e-bay also offers a discount for this option. It is always smarter to subscribe for the store in e-bay.


The easiest way to avoid PayPal fees on eBay are to have a dedicated store for each country. For this, we have to maintain different e-bay account for different countries. By this method, we will opt for large discounts on PayPal fees.

Large Scale Payment to the Suppliers

PayPal also charges for payments to the suppliers. When you are a merchant you must pay to the suppliers for the goods. PayPal charges 3.5% for every single transaction. In Addition to that, it also charges for a fee based on the value of the transaction.

The mass payment option is a great choice for the above scenario. You must maintain a schedule for payment. You must ensure that each supplier is getting paid according to the schedule. You must avoid paying to the supplier for the purchase of a smaller value.

Avoid E-Bay Themes

Themes decide the appearance of the page in which your products are listed. E-Bay provides automated style. This style is available in a large variety with E-Bay. Some styles are free which is not pleasing. Some attractive styles are higher in demand.

The cost of setting an attractive style also indirectly influences the E-bay fee. Setting your own designed style is also efficient methods to avoid PayPal fees on eBay enormously.


Merchant Charges

The pay pal provides some discount over a transaction. This reduction is exclusively for merchants. For this, you should have a special type of account called the merchant account.

This option is enabled in the profile of called the merchant account. The PayPal also provides insurance as compensation to fraudulent activities only for merchants.

Final Takeaway

The business should be done without any high service charges. The above methods are more conventional and recommended by traders all over the world. Please follow a combination of the above methods to do trading profitably.